MS-DOS Commands :: ping


Ping the specified internet IP address or host name.

ping /?

Usage: ping [-t] [-a] [-n count] [-l size] [-f] [-i TTL] [-v TOS]

            [-r count] [-s count] [[-j host-list] | [-k host-list]]

            [-w timeout] target_name


    -t             Ping the specified host until stopped.

                   To see statistics and continue - type Control-Break;

                   To stop - type Control-C.

    -a             Resolve addresses to hostnames.

    -n count       Number of echo requests to send.

    -l size        Send buffer size.

    -f             Set Don't Fragment flag in packet.

    -i TTL         Time To Live.

    -v TOS         Type Of Service.

    -r count       Record route for count hops.

    -s count       Timestamp for count hops.

    -j host-list   Loose source route along host-list.

    -k host-list   Strict source route along host-list.

    -w timeout     Timeout in milliseconds to wait for each reply.

(Enlarge: ping /?)