MS-DOS Tutorial

Learn how to open and use the MS-DOS command prompt window.

MS-DOS Command Prompt

To learn how to use a MS-DOS command window, start here:

  1. How to Open a MS-DOS Command Window
  2. How to change directory (cd)
  3. How to list directory files (dir)
  4. List of MS-DOS Commands

These are some of the more popular MS-DOS commands:

  • cd : Change directory or display current directory path.
  • cls : Clear the window.
  • dir : Display list of contents of current directory.
  • help : Display list of commands or help about a command.
  • notepad : Run the Windows Notepad text editor.
  • Click here for more commands ...

See also: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Windows Server Administration

Here are a few books to help you with administration of a Windows Server.

  Windows Command-Line
Administrator's Pocket Consultant

Teaches how to use the Windows command-line tools to manage multiple clients and servers. Examples of how to run, use, schedule, and script Windows commands, support tools, and Resource Kit tools.

MS-DOS Guides

Here are a few books to help you with using the MS-DOS Command Window.

DOS for Dummies
Peter Norton's Complete Guide to DOS 6.22
MORE DOS for Dummies
DOS 6.2 Instant Reference (Sybex Instant Reference)
New Perspectives on Microsoft MS-DOS Command Line - Comprehensive
Running MS-DOS 20th Anniversary Edition (Bpg-Other)

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