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"The script is GREAT! Very easy to set up. Having an affordable script like this can mean turning a content site into a money making site with the ability to search amazon through keywords. I highly recommend this script to anyone who is interested in earning money from their website." -- Webmistress,

"Your [Associate Engine] script looks great, and I'm impressed with how fast it sends back results! The flexibility of the script is great, too! :) ... After being impressed with your script and your prompt assistance, I decided to register the script this evening." -- Adam Lasnik,


Maximize your commission: Show top selling products on your website and maximize your commission. Associate Engine script makes this task automatic!

Easy to use: Associate Engine script is the easiest way for you to add live content from to your website. Automatically show topselling products. Get started in just 3 Easy Steps using our "New Users: Start Here" step-by-step guide!

Save time: No need to spend time manually editing your website so that it always shows top selling products -- when you use Associate Engine, your website automatically shows the topselling products. Once you add Associate Engine links or <SCRIPT> HTML tags, you don't have to edit them.

Associate Engine is a Perl script that is easy to install on your Linux/Unix webserver. Look what Associate Engine offers you:

add keyword search results of any product category to your website (see samples)

add blended keyword search results to your website

add bestsellers of books, movies, DVD's, and more to your website!

add to any HTML webpage using <IFRAME> or <SCRIPT> tags!

data is pulled in live from so your website automatically updates to show the latest products from

seamless integration with the look-and-feel of your website

keeps visitors on your website longer

all links include your affiliate ID

sample HTML code and sample links included for easy setup

show results as a list or or as a grid

you can define the size of the grid (# of rows by # of columns)

links can open separate window so you don't lose the visitor

can use links, drop-down menus, and search boxes

data can be cached to reduce traffic costs

can use different templates on different pages of your website

low $24.95 price plus free updates for 1 year

electronic delivery of Associate Engine script within 24 hours

100% free demo version available

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