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Associate Engine works with a wide variety of content and formats to fit all your affiliate needs and help maximize your affiliate sales!

Note that the page headers/footers used in the following examples can be easily changed by you creating your own custom Page Templates in which the results are shown.

"Drill-down" browse index with bestsellers grid. Click here.


Results as a list. Click here.

Results as a 3-column grid with small images. Click here.


Results as a 4-column grid with large images. Click here.

Results as a 4-column grid with "You Save" amount. Click here.



Associate Engine comes with built-in formats. In addition, Associate Engine supports complete customization through the use of Page Templates and Format Templates. Page Templates let you format the overall page (such as page header/footer). Format Templates, let you format the actual results (such as product details). For example, see the following pages that show several Format Template examples:

See also the introduction to using "if/endif" statements in Format Templates.

Testimonial: "The format file is an excellent concept, and it worked great for formatting my grid results so that I could do what I wanted with it." -- J.M.,


The following table provides an overview of the different modes and types that are supported by this script -- nearly all are supported. To see a live example, click on a link. The "List" link shows the results as a list, whereas the "Grid" link shows the results as a grid. The Search links below are examples and as such search for keywords programmed into the URL of the links (e.g.: "search for Britney Spears") -- you are not limited to use just the keywords in the examples here. In the table below, "Not applicable" indicates that itself does not support that particular combination of type and mode.

CATEGORY Keyword Search's Bestsellers Subcategory
Blended List
(e.g.: Britney Spears)
Not applicable Not applicable
Books List / Grid
(e.g.: Britney Spears)
List / Grid List / Grid
(e.g.: #4653: Yoga)
Popular Music List / Grid
(e.g.: Britney Spears)
List/ Grid
(note: amazon combines popular and classical music into one)
List / Grid
(e.g.: #302118: Teen Pop)
Classical Music List / Grid
(e.g.: Mozart)
List / Grid
(note: amazon combines popular and classical music into one)
List / Grid
(e.g.: #36639: Concertos)
DVD List/ Grid
(e.g.: Britney Spears)
List/ Grid List / Grid
(e.g.: #163306: Action & Adventure)
VHS List/ Grid
(e.g.: Britney Spears)
List/ Grid List/ Grid
(e.g.: #712530: Animated Feature Films )
In Theatres List / Grid
(e.g.: Star Wars)
Not applicable Not applicable
Toys List/ Grid
(e.g.: dinosaurs)
List/ Grid List / Grid
(e.g.: #172024: Teddy Bears)
Baby List / Grid
(e.g.: monitor)
List / Grid List / Grid
(e.g.: #540994: Safety Monitors)
Computer Hardware List / Grid
(e.g.: networks)
List / Grid List/ Grid
(e.g.: #909010: Wireless Access Points & Routers)
Computer & Video Games List/ Grid
(e.g.: baseball)
List / Grid List / Grid
(e.g.: #470582: Game Boy > Action & Adventure )
Electronics List / Grid
(e.g.: stereo)
List / Grid List/ Grid
(e.g.: #172514: DVD Players)
Photo List / Grid
(e.g.: digital)
List / Grid List /Grid
(e.g.: #505110: Digital Camera Accessories)
Software List/ Grid
(e.g.: photoshop)
List / Grid List / Grid
(e.g.: #229596: Flight Simulators)
Tools & Hardware List / Grid
(e.g.: wrench)
List / Grid List / Grid (e.g.: #228249: Black & Decker > Cordless Drills)
Garden / Outdoor Living/ Lawn-and-Patio List/ Grid
(e.g.: bird feeder)
List/ Grid List / Grid
(e.g.: #553764: Charcoal Grills )
Kitchen & Housewares List / Grid
(e.g.: blender)
List / Grid List / Grid (e.g.: #561304: Cuisinart > Coffee, Tea & Espresso machines)
Cell Phones & Services List / Grid
(e.g.: Motorola)
List/ Grid List / Grid
(e.g.: Motorola cell phones)
Magazines List / Grid
(e.g.: fitness)
List / Grid List / Grid
(e.g.: #637756: Women's Health & Fitness)

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