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per: David Cusimano

DySE::NS v7.12.12 ( — New Script



We are pleased to announce the release of a new store generator script called DySE::NS that is designed to display products from merchants that are part of the affiliate network.

  • 51,300+ products from over 152 merchants
  • 5% to 12% depending upon merchant and monthly sales
  • 30-day cookie

Each merchant is focused on a niche market. For example, sells just binoculars, sells just Tiffany lamps. With DySE::NS, you can easily display products from any of the merchants.

Uses DySE™ technology. Install DySE::NS as you would any DySE™ merchant module, tell it which shop you want to display, and run as usual.

A live example website that uses DySE::NS is

To learn more about DySE::NS, see

DySE::view v7.12.12 — Update

Dynamic Store Engine viewer


The DySE script has been updated. Revisions since v7.09.26 include:

  • New Feature: Sitemaps now hierarchical.
  • Improvement: Sitemaps display faster.
  • more...

If you are using any of our DySE scripts, we recommend that you upgrade To get faster sitemaps, the merchant module must also be v7.12.12 or higher.

Download DySE::view v7.12.12 from

Upgrade instructions: Replace with this one.

To learn more about the DySE™ Dynamic Store Engine, see

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