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v7.11.04 (November 4, 2007)

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Upgrade instructions

  1. Download the Associate Engine .zip distribution file and unzip it into a temporary directory on your computer, such as into c:\ae

  2. Upload to your webserver's cgi-bin directory (or to whatever directory you normally put script in). Note: If necessary, edit the first line so it indicates where Perl is on your server; default is #!/usr/local/bin/perl Note: Be sure to upload in ASCII mode and set the file permissions (i.e.: CHMOD 755 which is rwxr-xr-x).

NOTE: If you find that stops working after an upgrade (either you see "500 Internal Server Error" or nothing shows up because you're using <script> or SSI tags), then the first thing to always do is re-upload in ASCII mode and then re-enable the execute permissions (CHMOD). This is the most common upgrade problem. See solutions.


  1. Critical Update: Displays prices properly. See v7.11.03. Previous version displayed prices properly but would cause a "500 internal server error" if the list price was 0.00 (thus causing a "division by zero"). This version fixes that.

Prior to this point was Associate Engine v7.11.03.

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