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Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is available for the Associate Engine script through If you don't have a account, click here to get one. This is 100% free.

You will receive $5.52 (25%) commission [$5.52 = 25% of ($24.95 - 7.5% - $1) = 25% of $22.08] when someone clicks through the affiliate link and buys the script anytime within 90 days after clicking (assuming the user doesn't click on another affiliate's link).

Affiliate Link

Link to the following address from your website:

Replace CLICKBANKID with your ClickBank ID.

You can also use an encrypted link. Search the Marketplace for "cuscom" and click "Promote". Or simply click here.

Note: You can be an affiliate without having to install and use the script. In that case, just add the above affiliate link to your website.

clickbankID Configuration Variable

If you have a ClickBank ID, set the clickbankID configuration variable to your ClickBank ID.

The results pages generated by the Associate Engine script automatically include a credit link that says "Powered by". If you set the clickbankID configuration variable, then this link will automatically be a affiliate link with your ClickBank ID. Otherwise, the link just links to the homepage. Note: The credit configuration variable can be used to remove the credit link.

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