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The DySE::KimmyShop script (make.pl) is a Perl script program that works in conjunction with the generic DySE™ viewer script (view.pl) to display products offered by KimmyShop.com. The DySE::KimmyShop script and the DySE™ viewer script run on your web server.

When you run the DySE::KimmyShop script (make.pl), it downloads and processes the product datafeed file from KimmyShop.com and creates a products database file. When a user visits your website, the DySE™ viewer script (view.pl) is run and it displays product pages, category pages, or the home page.

A live example website that uses DySE::KimmyShop is www.bime.com/kimmyshop


For detailed instructions on how to install and use DySE::KimmyShop make.pl and the DySE™ view.pl, click here.

Sample Template Sets

The following are live examples of the sample template sets that are included with the DySE::KimmyShop script.

(templates "set1")


(templates "set2")

(templates "set3")


(templates "set4")

(templates "set5")


(templates "set6")

Template Substitution Variables

For the standard item.* variables, see item.*

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