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v9.09.12 (Sep. 12, 2009)

  1. Critical: Works with lastest datafeed.

    The latest datafeed contains duplicate items, that is, more than one product has the same SKU product ID. This latest version of DySE::Hono filters out duplicates. Previous previous would report a fatal error.

  2. New Feature: Main categories organized into letter sub-categories

    Since House of Nutrition does not put items into sub-categories, the home page can get cluttered with hundreds of categories. To alleviate this problem, main categories are now put into letter sub-categories; for example, "Solgar Vitamins" now appears under "S > Solgar Vitamins". To turn off this new feature, set the new configuration variable cat.nosub to yes (default is no).

v7.06.22 (June 22, 2007)

  1. Improvement: Category names fixed. Some category and product names in the datafeed are inconsistent. The script repairs those known inconsistencies.

v6.04.08 (April 8, 2006)

v5.05.18 (May 18, 2005)

Initial release.
make-lib v5.05.18

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