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Hayneedle.com Script
Store Generator

Two Pricing Options:

  • FREE (with ID time-sharing)
  • $9.95/year (no ID time-sharing)

(formerly known as "DySE::NS")

Quickly and easily add products to your existing website or create an entire store from scratch. Over 65,000 products in 170+ merchant shops of the Hayneedle.com network (Hayneedle.com pays 3% to 8% commission depending upon merchant shop and monthly sales; 30-day cookie; see note below). The Hayneedle.com affiliate programs are at the PepperjamNetwork.com affiliate network.

Important Note:
You can choose whether to run the script with or without ID time sharing.

  • Without ID time-sharing, the commission is 3% to 8%.

  • With ID time-sharing, on average, the effective commission rate is 2.25% to 6% (3/4 of 3% to 8%).

Benefits & Features
uses mod_rewrite
works with 170+ merchants in the Hayneedle.com Affiliate Network.
easy to install and easy to use. Comes with complete instructions.
automatically downloads latest products datafeed file from Hayneedle.com.
comes with pre-defined template files. Saves you time.
customizable templates to match the look-and-feel of your website.
uses DySE™ technology.
online documentation.


DySE::Hayneedle uses templates so it is easy for you to customize the look-and-feel of the the web pages. The DySE::Hayneedle affiliate script comes with pre-defined templates. You can use these templates as-is, or modify them, or create your own templates.

Designed to Work With:

DySE::Hayneedle is built upon our expertise and also upon our experience as an affiliate ourselves of Hayneedle.com (formerly NetShops.com):


Getting Started  

Support / Contact Us

System Requirements

The DySE::Hayneedle affiliate script is a perl script that you install on your linux/unix web server. The script is not a Windows program and is not intended for novice users.

To be able to use the DySE::Hayneedle affiliate script, the following system requirements must be met:

  • linux/unix web server with cgi-bin enabled (Windows NT servers are not supported);

  • 11MB free disk space on web server;

  • mod_rewrite (.htaccess) enabled;

  • LWP perl module to access the internet (note: This script does not work on GoDaddy.com because LWP is unavailable on GoDaddy.com)

  • DBI perl module to access the Hayneedle.com MySQL database.

Hayneedle.com Shops

DySE::Hayneedle makes it easy to promote products from these shops that are part of the Hayneedle.com network:

AdirondackChairs.com AffordableFutons.com AllBriefcases.com AquariumsDirect.com BackgammonPlus.com BadmintonSource.com BakersRacks.com BanquetTables.com Barstools.com BarWare.com BeachChairs.com BeanBags.com BedroomFurnitureMart.com Benches.com BilliardsAuthority.com Binoculars.com Birdbaths.com BirdCages.com BistroSets.com BocceBallSets.com BombeChests.com BookCasesGalore.com BuyEntertainmentCenters.com Candelabras.com CanopyCenter.com CarPortsUSA.com CartsAndWagons.com CedarChests.com ChaiseLounges.com ChessSets.com ChildrensChairs.com ChildrensDesks.com ChildrensTablesAndChairs.com ChocolateFountains.com ChristeningShop.com ChristmasLights.com ChristmasTreesGalore.com ClockStyle.com ClosetOrganizerSource.com ClubChairs.com CoatRacks.com CoffeeTablesGalore.com ComputerDesks.com Cribs.com Croquet.com CurioCabinets.com DartBoards.com DayBeds.com DeskLamps.com DeskSetShop.com DiaperBags.com DiningTables.com DirectorsChairs.com Dobsonian.com DogHouses.com DogKennels.com DollHousesGalore.com DraftingTables.com eGardenBridges.com eKitchenIslands.com ElectricFireplaceSource.com eRockingHorses.com eSoccerGoals.com eWineRacks.com FilingCabinets.com FireplaceMantels.com FireplaceScreens.com FurBoots.net GardenStatueShop.com GrandfatherClocks.com GreatBackyards.com GreatHomeBars.com GreatPubTables.com GreatRusticFurniture.com GrillsDirect.com Hammocks.com HandTrucks.com Hayneedle.com HomeTheatreSeating.com HoseReelSource.com InflatableTrampolines.com iRoomDividers.com iTorches.com iToyBoxes.com JHammock.com JewelryArmoire.com JewelryBoxes.com JustAirHockeyTables.com JustBathroomFurniture.com JustBookends.com JustFoosballTables.com KidsFurnitureMart.com KnivesUnlimited.com LandscapeLightingShop.com LampsGalore.com MagazineRacks.com ModelPlanes.com ModernFurniture.com MoreOfficeFurniture.com OnlyGloves.com OnlyLeatherJackets.com OnlyPajamas.com OnlySlippers.com MusicBoxes.com Nutcrackers.com Ottomans.com OutdoorCarpet.com Pans.com PatioFurnitureUSA.com PatioUmbrellas.com PatioHeaterStore.com Peepers.com PetCarriers.com PillowSuperstore.com PlantStands.com PlayHouses.com PoolTableLights.com PorchSwings.com PotRacksGalore.com PottingBenches.com QuiltRacks.com ReclinersPlus.com Robe.com RockingChairs.com SewingTableShop.com ShowerCurtainsGalore.com SilkPalms.com SimplyArbors.com SimplyBeds.com SimplyBunkBeds.com SimplyFountains.com SimplyMirrors.com SimplyPlanters.com SimplyPlatformBeds.com SimplyVanities.com SkiTube.com SolarLightStore.com SpottingScopes.com SwingSetSource.com TableTennisZone.com Telescopes.com Terrariums.com TheMailboxSuperstore.com TheNightVisionStore.com TiffanyLampsGalore.com ToddlerBeds.com ToiletSeatSource.com ToolBoxesDirect.com TrackLightingSource.com TrailerHitches.com tvTraySource.com VasesGalore.com VolleyballHQ.com WeatherInstruments.com WeathervanesEtc.com WickerFurniture.com Windchime.com WorldGlobes.com WreathsGalore.com WritingDesks.com

Some Live Examples

The following are screen snapshots of an actual website that contains pages created by us using the DySE::Hayneedle affiliate script. You can create an entire products store or augment your existing website content. The default is templates "set7".

(templates "set1")


(templates "set2")

(templates "set3")


(templates "set4")

(templates "set5")


(templates "set6")

(templates "set7")


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