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The DySE::BettyMills script (make.pl) is a Perl script program that works in conjunction with the generic DySE™ viewer script (view.pl) to display products offered by BettyMills.com. The DySE::BettyMills script and the DySE™ viewer script run on your web server.

When you run the DySE::BettyMills script (make.pl), it downloads and processes the product datafeed file from BettyMills.com and creates a products database file. When a user visits your website, the DySE™ viewer script (view.pl) is run and it displays product pages, category pages, or the home page.

A live example website that uses DySE::BettyMills is www.AllOfficeSupply.com


Important:   Requires view.pl v5.05.31 or higher
The DySE::BettyMills requires DySE™ view.pl v5.05.31 or higher. If you have a lower version of view.pl on your server, you must upgrade it to v5.05.31 or higher. Upgrading view.pl merely involves replacing your current view.pl file with the latest view.pl. For the latest view.pl, click here. (Advanced: Required to handle {item.save} and {item.save.percent} substitutions.)

Important:   bettym.pl key file incompatible with DySE::BettyMills
If you are using our old bettym.pl script, your bettym.key key file is not compatible with DySE::BettyMills. You must obtain a new key file for use with DySE::BettyMills (keys are free).

Note: If you were using the older bettym.pl script, read the section below "Backward Compatibility with bettym.pl script" before you do the installation.

For detailed instructions on how to install and use DySE::BettyMills make.pl and the DySE™ view.pl, click here.

Backward Compatibility with bettym.pl script

If you were using the older bettym.pl script and want the filename URL's used by DySE::BettyMills to be the same format, then do the following:

  1. Create a text file called make-ini.txt that contains the following configuration variable setting:

    write.fn.dup.count "no"

  2. Upload make-ini.txt to the same directory where make.pl is located.

  3. Run make.pl as you normally would. Filenames will now use the same format.


Sample Template Sets

The following are live examples of the sample template sets that are included with the DySE::BettyMills script.

(templates "set1")


(templates "set2")

(templates "set3")


(templates "set4")

(templates "set5")


(templates "set6")

(templates "set7")


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