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Audible.com and Audible.co.uk

UK users read this:

Audible.com and Audible.co.uk use two separate affiliate programs. The DySE::Audible affiliate script only works for the Audible.com affiliate program. Also, if you or your web site visitors are physically located in the UK, you cannot use our DySE::Audible affiliate script because the Audible.com website does geo-targeting and automatically redirects visitors located in the UK to the Audible.co.uk website (the DySE::Audible affiliate script has no control over the redirection; it's Audible.com doing the redirection).


If you already use our older audible.pl affiliate script, its key file is compatible with DySE::Audible. Start with the links in the "Getting Started" box below at the right.

DySE::Audible Script

(software delivered in electronic format)


AudioBooks Script
Audiobooks Store Generator

Price: FREE

Quickly and easily add digital audiobooks to your existing website or create an entire store from scratch. Over 12,000+ digital audiobooks at Audible.com (Audible.com pays commissions starting from 12% or $15/$18 depending upon the product and sales; 60-day cookie).

Benefits & Features
uses mod_rewrite
easy to install and easy to use. Comes with complete instructions.
automatically downloads latest products datafeed file from Audible.com.
comes with pre-defined template files. Saves you time.
customizable templates to match the look-and-feel of your website.
uses DySE™ technology.
online documentation.


DySE::Audible uses templates so it is easy for you to customize the look-and-feel of the the web pages. The DySE::Audible affiliate script comes with pre-defined templates. You can use these templates as-is, or modify them, or create your own templates.

Free Software

*Use of the DySE::Audible affiliate script is free to you. See FAQ "How can you offer use of your scripts for free?".

Designed to Work With:

DySE::Audible is built upon our expertise and also upon our experience as an affiliate ourselves of Audible.com:


Getting Started  

Support / Contact Us

System Requirements

The DySE::Audible affiliate script is a perl script that you install on your linux/unix web server. The script is not a Windows program and is not intended for novice users.

To be able to use the DySE::Audible affiliate script, the following system requirements must be met:

  • linux/unix web server with cgi-bin enabled (Windows NT servers are not supported);

  • 51 MB free disk space on web server;

  • mod_rewrite (.htaccess) enabled;

  • cj.com publisher PID, and signed up with Audible.com at cj.com. See documentation for signup instructions.

  • LWP perl module to access the internet (note: This script does not work on GoDaddy.com because LWP is unavailable on GoDaddy.com)

Some Live Examples

The following are screen snapshots of an actual website that contains pages created by us using the DySE::Audible affiliate script. You can create an entire products store or augment your existing website content.

Standard DySE Templates:

(templates "set1")


(templates "set2")

(templates "set3")


(templates "set4")

(templates "set5")


(templates "set6")

Old audible.pl Templates:

(templates "set1b")


(templates "set2b")

(templates "set3b")


(templates "set4b")

(templates "set5b")


The following are screen snapshots of actual websites that contains pages created by webmasters using DySE::Audible. The website designs shown below were created by third-party webmasters and are not included with the DySE::Audible affiliate script.



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