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v10.08.04 (August 4, 2010)

  1. New Feature: Downloadable datafeed fixes. Datafeed fixes are now automatically downloaded as a separate fixes.txt file. This separation allows new datafeed fixes to be released without having to release a new make.pl file.

v10.01.26 (January 26, 2010)

  1. Improvement: Newer Datafeed. This version uses a more up-to-date version of the datafeed. The datafeed is at least as of 25-Jan-2010.

  2. Improvement: Categories Reorganized. This version uses better category organization.

v7.06.22 (June 22, 2007)

  1. Improvement: Filter out invalid category. Invalid category "yst-paginated-pages" is filtered out.

v6.04.08 (April 8, 2006)

  1. Fix: view.pl minimum version. Checks for view.pl v5.05.31 (or higher); required for {item.save} and {item.save.percent}.

v5.07.13 (July 13, 2005)

Initial release.
make-lib v5.06.29

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