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v7.11.20 (November 20, 2007)

Upgrade instructions:

  1. Replace apws.pl
  2. Replace apws.dat
  3. (optional) Replace templates directory, and upload includes directory into apws directory.


  1. New: Virtual Directory

    For instructions on how to enable Virtual Directory, see Virtual Directory.

    Virtual directory URL's are now supported so that pages can now appear at what appear to be real files rather than cgi-bin/apws.pl URL's. For example, the following two URL's both display Kitten posters:

    The first URL, the virtual directory URL, may provide better SEO (search engine optimization) since the URL contains keywords, i.e.: posters, animals, domestic animals, cats, kittens.

  2. New: Grid Vertical Alignment Options

    The grid parameter now supports alignment options to vertically align the grid rows. Options are: top, middle, bottom. Default is top. For example, grid=c:3,bottom outputs a 3-column grid that is bottom aligned.

  3. New: Pre-defined searches (search=...)

    You can pre-defined searches by defining them in the configuration file. For example, if search.eiffel is defined with search.eiffel "cat=13035" then the following two URL's both display cat posters:

    • /cgi-bin/apws/apws.pl?cat=13035
    • /cgi-bin/apws/apws.pl?search=eiffel

    The special value search=random causes apws.pl to randomly pick one of your pre-defined searches from those searches defined in search.random.*

    See: Pre-Defined Searches

  4. New: Alternate keyword searches (keywords=key1|key2|...)

    Multiple keywords can be specified in the keywords parameter.

    For example, keywords=key1|key2|key3 (any number of keys, each separated by a | character) will cause a keywords search for key1 and then key2 and then key3 and stops when a non-empty set of results is found.

    Similarly, keywords=key1>key2>key3 (any number of keys, each separated by a > character) will cause a keywords search for key3 and then key2 and then key1 and stops when a non-empty set of results is found.

    Note that "|" searches in forward order whereas ">" search in reverse order. If a key starts with a hyphen (e.g.: "-Home>Animals>Cats"), that key is skipped (e.g.: "Home" is skipped).

  5. New: Large images (large parameter, img.large configuration).

    New parameter large causes large images to be displayed instead of thumbnails. Since the images are so large, the grid is always 1-column wide regardless of the grid value -- this cannot be overridden. The large parameter is "sticky" and remains active once specified, that is, all links back to apws.pl will contain the large parameter (turn off stickiness of large by using large&noself=large).

    Similarly, the new configuration parameter img.large causes large images to be displayed instead of thumbnails. Set img.large to yes to always display large images (default is no). Note: If you always display large images, it is advisable to set the number of grid rows to a small number (e.g.: 1 through 5) otherwise the page may take some time to load, particularly on slow internet connection.

  6. New: Link to categories at Allposters.com ({caturl.best} and {caturl.NUMBER})

    Template field {caturl.NUMBER} returns URL to the specified category NUMBER at the AllPosters.com website. For example, to link to category 101 (Movies), use: <a href="{caturl.101}">Movies!</a>

    Template field {caturl.best} returns URL to the "Bestsellers" category at the AllPosters.com website. The actual category number used is set by the new configuration variable cat.best (defaults to 18979). For example, use: <a href="{caturl.best}">Bestsellers!</a>

  7. New: Link to Help pages at Allposters.com (merch:URL)

    To link to a Help page at AllPosters.com, use a link of the format: <a href="merch:StartAtURL"> where StartAtURL is the partial URL of the page you want to link to.

    For example, the "About Us" page is at http://www.allposters.com/gallery.asp?CID=...CIDVALUE...&subject=about&startat=/help/about.asp and the StartAtURL is /help/about.asp thus you would use <a href="merch:/help/about.asp">

  8. Improvement: Templates Improved: Recruitment banner and AllPosters.com Help pages links added, sidebar moved to right-side.

    Sub-affiliate recruitment banner added; if a user clicks the banner and is signed up under you then they become your sub-affiliate and AllPosters.com pays you a sub-affiliate commission for their sales. For the banners to appear, upload the revised templates directory and the new includes directory into the apws directory.

    Support links added to the templates (the links do include your affiliate ID): About, Customer Service, Shipping & Returns, Bestsellers. For the links to appear, upload the revised templates directory into the apws directory.

    Sidebar moved from left-side to right-side for SEO optimization.

  9. Improvement: Details Style 7 added.

    New style #7 added, accessed by parameter style=7 or configuration variable style 7. This style shows the product title and "Buy Now" link under it.

  10. Improvement: Pagebar separator changed to · (dot).

    Default value of pagebar.separator has been changed to "&middot;" (shows as ·) instead of "|" (vertical bar) so that the pagebar now looks like: pages: 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6> · next»

  11. Improvement: Border types none and outline revised.

    Border type none now displays no border at all around the image (previously would display an outline).

    New border type outline displays an outline around the image (as was previously done by border type none).

  12. Fix: Duplicate products filtered out.

    AllPosters.com sometimes repeats the same products in results (e.g.: "1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3," rather than "1, 2, 3"). Duplicate products are now filtered out.

  13. New: cfg parameter to load specified configuration file.

    The new parameter cfg has been added. You can specify an additional configuration file to load by setting cfg to its filename (without an filename extension). This configuration file will be loaded after all other configuration files. For example, cfg=myblog would cause the myblog configuration file to be loaded (e.g.: myblog.ini, myblog-ini.txt, myblog.txt).

  14. Improvement: Absolute URL's in images and in self links.

    Normally, image URL's are relative (start with / and without the server's domain name). Now, image URL's are made absolute (by adding the domain name) if img.absurl configuration variable is yes (default is no), or if absurl parameter is specified, or if script or iframe parameters are specified.

    Similarly, self links are normally relative. Self links are made absolute if links.relurl configuration variable is no, or if absurl parameter is specified, or if script or iframe parameters are specified.

  15. New: catok parameter to allow 'out-of-bounds' categories.

    The new parameter catok has been added. If you are using the categories configuration variable to show a subset of categories rather than all categories, normally apws.pl will block access to any category that is outside of this subset, and the user is redirected to the AllPosters.com website. This behaviour can be overridden by specifying the catok parameter thus allowing an 'out-of-bounds' category to be displayed. For example, cat=101&catok will cause category 101 (Movies) to be displayed even if it is an 'out-of-bounds' category.

  16. Improvement: gocat parameter supports 'out-of-bounds' categories.

    Normally, specifying gocat=CATNUM causes redirection to the specified category CATNUM. In the even that categories is set to a subset of categories, trying to go to an out-of-bounds category will cause redirection to the AllPosters.com home page. By using gocat=-category# (N.B.: minus sign prefix), it is possible to go to any category.

  17. New: noself parameter to turn off stickiness.

    When apws.pl links back to itself (e.g.: link to a sub-category), parameters in the original URL appear in these self links too -- the parameters are sticky. The new noself parameter allows you to turn off stickiness of the specified parameters. For example, large&noself=large would make large non-sticky and it would not appear in self links.

  18. New: skip parameter to start results at an offset.

    The new parameter skip causes products to be skipped so that the results start at an offset rather than the first product of the results. For example, skip=3 causes the first 3 products to be skipped so that results start at the 4th product.

  19. New: Backward compatible with allposters.pl templates.

    To allow old allposters.pl templates to be used, the following fields (substitution variables) are recognized:

    • {allposters} : Displays sub-categories, posters, and pagebar.
    • {allpostersHome} and {allpostersSignup} : URL to AllPosters.com home page.
    • {allpostersMore} : URL to more search results at AllPosters.com.
    • {amazon:parameters} : Includes <script> statement to call ae.pl to show keyword related products.
    • {amazonSSI:parameters} : Includes Server-Side-Include (SSI) statement to call ae.pl to show keyword related products.
    • {amazonHome} : URL of amazon.com home page.
    • {amazonMore:mode} : URL to more search results at Amazon.com.
    • {emerchandiseHome} and {emerchandiseMore} : URL to eMerchandise.com (with affiliate ID).
    • {keywords} and {keywords+} : URL-encoded keywords (+ replaced with spaces).
    • {name+} : URL-encoded name of results page.
    • {name*} and {namePlain} : Flattened name of results page.
  20. Improvement: {FieldName+} and {FieldName*} supported.

    In templates, {FieldName+} is now replaced with the value of the field with spaces replaced with + so that it can be used in a URL. For example <A HREF="http://www.google.com/search?q={name+}">Google search for {name}</A>

    In templates, {FieldName*} is now replaced with the value of the field with HTML characters (& < > ") encoded so that it can be used in HTML. For example <TITLE>{name+}</TITLE>

  21. Fix: 1-column sub-category lists now in table so can be centered.

    1-column sub-category lists are now inside a <table> tag so that using <CENTER>{kids}</CENTER> centers the entire list (with bullets left-justified) rather than centering each line of the list individually.

  22. Improvement: Template directory default.

    If the template directory (specified by template.dir which defaults to templates/1) does not exist, then template.dir defaults to the directory where apws.pl is located.

  23. Improvement: Can use apostrophe (') around configuration values.

    An apostrophe (') can now be used to surround the value of a configuration variable. For example, the following configuration statements are equivalent:

    • search.eiffel 'cat=13035'
    • search.eiffel "cat=13035"
    • search.eiffel [cat=13035]
    • search.eiffel {{cat=13035}}
  24. Fix: Create product URL if not supplied by AllPosters.com.

    The AllPosters.com APCWS Web Service has a bug and for some products it does not supply an affiliate link; thus causing the link to be broken (it just goes back to the current page since HREF=""). Now, if the URL is empty, a product URL (with your affiliate ID) is created and used.

  25. Improvement: Grid pack option added.

    Grid option pack has been added. If specified (e.g.: grid=c:3,r:2,pack), the height of grid rows is reduced and the rows are made variable height rather than fixed height.

  26. Improvement: Configuration Report organized into collapsible/expandable sections.

    The Configuration Report is now organized into collapsible/expandable sections. Click a section to expand it open and see its details. The Configuration Report is accessible at /cgi-bin/apws/apws.pl?cfg=CFGVALUE where CFGVALUE is the value of the cfg variable found in your apws-key.txt file.

  27. Improvement: Configuration file errors reported.

    If an unrecognized statement is encountered in the configuration file, a fatal error is now reported. Previously, the statement would be silently ignored.

v7.06.22 (June 22, 2007)

Initial release.

E.&O.E.; © Cusimano.Com Corporation; www.c3scripts.com