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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the format of the poster thumbnails?

In allposters.ini, set the configuration variable called "format" to either "1" or "2". And set "postersacross" and "posterdown" to set the number of posters across/down each page. Beyond these configuration variables, the HTML generated for each poster is not configurable. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are not used.

Can I select all poster categories?

Yes. In allposters.ini, set "categories 0" (that's a zero).

Can I select just one poster category?

Yes. In allposters.ini, set "categories NUMBER" where NUMBER is the category number. To determine the category number, go to the website and bring up the posters page you want. Move your mouse over the link in's navigation sidebar and you'll see a link similar to:

The search= number is the category number. Use that number. In the above example, the category number is 16696.

Note: was designed to work with a lot of poster categories -- it was not designed to work with a single category. If you want to create a website with a single category or single webpage, then you might want to try's "Posters Stores" (login to and click on "LinkBuilder" then "Posters Stores").

Can I include posters using a javascript <SCRIPT> tag?

No, not using our script. The script creates HTML webpages. It does not work as a <SCRIPT> tag. Use our script if you want to do that.

Why are some posters missing compared to the website?

The script uses a datafeed file that we supply. may have added posters to the website since the last time we created the datafeed file. When a new datafeed file is available, an announcement email will be sent out to users.

Why do all links go to the home page?

The demo version of has all links go to and do not contain any affiliate ID. In the full version of, links go to each poster and contain your affiliate ID. To turn the demo version into the full version, you need to obtain an allposters-key.txt key file from us. Click here to request key.

I don't have telnet/SSH access into my server. Can I still use

You can run the script on your Windows PC computer (you have to install ActivePerl first). The script will create HTML files on your computer's hard drive. You can then FTP those HTML files from your hard drive up to your web server.

Do I install in my cgi-bin directory and then run it in my web browser?

No. The script is not a script such as a "guestbook" script. The script is a "run once" type of script. You run and it creates HTML files -- it does not create dynamic output "on the fly". Note: For dynamic output, use our script

If you have telnet/SSH access into the command line prompt of your linux/unix server, then you can login and run directly on your server. If you do not have telnet/SSH access, then you can run the script on your Windows PC computer (you have to install ActivePerl first) to create HTML files and then FTP those HTML files up to your server. Note: Running directly on your server (rather than on your Windows PC) is faster since you won't have to FTP the created HTML files since they will be created directly on your server.

How do I integrate Associate Engine to show keyword-related products on my poster pages?

First, Associate Engine (the script) is a separate product that you must puchase a license to use. If you already have a license, you can use it on more than one of your websites, such as on your posters website. Note: Try out the free demo before purchasing a license.

Once Associate Engine (AE) is installed on your server, you can configure to use it in the created poster HTML files.

  1. In allposters.ini, set the amazonpl configuration variable to the relative URL of on your server (e.g.: "/cgi-bin/").

  2. You'll also need the allposters-include/ directory found in the (.tar.gz) file so if you deleted that directory (or didn't upload it to your server if you're running on your server) then get allposters-include/ from the .zip (.tar.gz) file.

  3. And, in your template file t0.html you will need to have <!--include--> where you want the AE results included. In the created poster HTML files, there will then be <SCRIPT> tags that call AE.

  4. If you would prefer SSI (Server Side Include) statements instead of <SCRIPT> tags, then edit allposters.ini and set amazonSSI to yes.

How do I contact you for support?

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